Friday, July 01, 2005

malison d'etre

jonathan is a bat out
of hell
which explains his crispy singed
and his
expression of perpetual exasperation
and why he sleeps
hanging over the heat register
on cold nights
he's working on a PhD
in social work
but what he really
wants is to
be a rock star
like michael jackson
& madonna
strangely enough he cant stand baseball
or hippopotamuses

c. 1990

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

nude coinage

the sewage of the city was
collected by the most avid
enthusiasts of ozone archeology
& the turbid waters of the
oiled narcotic river were carried in large
earthen jars and sold as cough
syrup and very few customers
ever noticed the difference
& wooden sidewalk technology had got
quite advanced before someone invented
the match

published in 'temm poetry magazine' Sept. 1990

5 pages done on book this morning

I wrote five pages in my 'Way of the Runes' book this morning. Five pages a day is a good pace, I'm not sure I'm going to push myself to do more.

If only I worked this well every day. But then again, I am up to page 58, all written since the begin of month. And I haven't given it up yet. Perhaps this time I'll really do it.

Monday, June 20, 2005

synaptic decay

local bolshevik tsaritsa with a
gingivitis mind --- red & irritated
studying specific mudroom tactics
involving copy cats on the ratlines
as mice gnaw away at the infinity
its the
least possible mercy
but unavailable from your local record retailer


Sunday, June 19, 2005

'way of the runes' book

up to page 53 as of this morning

Comment function of this blog has been removed

Due to the problem of which I write in the Nightmare Realm blog, the
comment function on all of my blogs has been taken down.

This is done for the protection of those who do not wish to be exposed
to foul language and other bad things from anonymous commentors and some
not so anonymous.

I wish Blogger would develop the option of having moderated comments so
the blog owner could check them out before having them posted.

Friendly folks who wish to contact me are urged to either use my
guestbook or my postal address.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Friday, June 17, 2005

writer's block

For me when I'm working on a writing project, it goes well for a day or two, up to a point. Once that point is reached, I look back on what I've written, think it's awful, and throw much of it out and start over.

Then paralysis sets in and sooner or later--- usually sooner--- the project gets junked.

But in actual fact the stuff I thought was so bad and in need of re-writing wasn't bad at all. Often I'll come across the old stuff months or years later and be really impressed by it.

I need to find ways of writing to get around this repeated paralysis.

among the zinnias

and now i'm walking--- testing the perimeter
ducking bigeyed baby hitlers
& librarian's lizzie borden but more tastefully done

they dont like it when the mice fight

is not in the game

c. 1990

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Atomic Energy is Your Friend

i am a shiny metal
atomic bomb
dropping so gracefully
thru your sky

do you hear my screaming silver streak?
do you see my flash brightening your last world?
do you feel my ardent heat caress you?
and are you sad to die?

i am a shiny metal
atomic bomb
dropping so gracefully
thru your sky


fly agaric

this is a picture
of a mushroom
which is poison
it is however quite delicious
choose large ones for grilling
and grease the skillet well
& die

c. 1990

thinking diet

sadly slanted
noxious network news
i dont wanna hafta choose
between contradictive views

this world
//too complicated//
i want
2 be sedated

kinda makes me think of Dan Rather and that O'Reilly guy now

Sunday, June 12, 2005

surly petunia

lauralee lauralee lauralee
down! down! down! she goes
into a vat of melted
lawn furniture

anarchists blowing up
condoms on their heads//in bars//behind bars//monkey bars

<< beware of underware insurance salesmen
sneered the lamp knowingly >>

fuzzy pink housewives in fuzzy pink robes
on strike



normally, it's spelled 'underwear', by the way.

Through Violet Eyes

It's a suspense novel by Stephen Woodworth.

The premise is this. A small number of people are born with violet eyes and the ability to communicate with the dead.

The Violets, as they are called, allow murder victims to take them over so they can testify against the murderers.

The problem in the book is that someone has begun killing the Violets.

A compelling book. The premise is very well realized. A sequel is in the works, called With Red Hands.

remembrance of persian opium

the northern inhabitants cannot
behead the profane so proficiently
lack of practice i expect

the machete maddens them
altho impudent, we eat plasterboard on request
against the dread of the dossier

still the annihilation so devoutly to be wished
escapes us, tho the usual intoxicants attempt discretion
in quiescence is contraband schizophrenia


cup & saucer carousel

oh give thanks for geometrical illusions
and sail a classic racing car to the island
where exotic art noveau holidays live
then twirl and dance with a jewish garden dragon
and be happy ever after

c. 1990

more old poetry. kind of like this one. maybe i ought to start submitting my poems but can't really afford it being poor sucks, what can i say.

Orson Scott Card's The Crystal City

Just got the latest book in Card's Alvin Maker series, a fantasy set in an alternate America.

Orson Scott Card is a Mormon and the Alvin Maker series is based on the life of Joseph Smith, the 'profit' who founded the Mormon church.

The golden plow in the story is based on the golden book that Joseph Smith claimed to have found and translated, which was the Book of Mormon which the Mormons claim to be the word of their God.

This is not the only series that is secretly based on Mormonism. He has another series 'Homecoming' which is based on the stories in the Book of Mormon--- the character Nafai is based on Nephi in the book of Mormon.

Card is a good writer but I wonder about the moral side of using things from his religious beliefs without declaring his source. I'm sure a lot of Christian parents whose kids read Card's Mormon books would forbid it if they knew it had Mormon content.

My computer is a ----- piece of -----

excuse the almost-profanity

all right, i got my computer second hand and i knew it wouldn't last forever.

but now windows won't load half the time and i've spend half the morning trying to get it to deal with my email--- and i still only processed one email out of 7 new.

if only C. T.
would get religion and offer to pay compensation for all the costs we've had to incur due to his threats and all (new locks, anti-hacking software, PO box), i could get a new computer easily.

yes, yes, life is unfair and then you die..............

hope this computer lasts long enough to get my book done.